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Titre du projet Total octroyé
BiodivERsA BIOFAIR BIOdiversity of soils and FArming Innovations for improved Resilience in European wheat agrosystems 200 000
SUSTAIN-COCOA Sustainable sourcing policies for biodiversity protection, climate mitigation, and improved livelihoods in the cocoa sector 200 000
NAPERDIV Nature-based perennial grain cropping as a model to safeguard functional biodiversity towards future-proof agriculture 200 000
EURONANOMED III (call 2020) THERAGET Dendronized nanoparticles designed for targeted multimodal image guided therapy 190 000
ERA PERMED (call 2020) DIGIPD Validating DIGItal biomarkers for better personalized treatment ofParkinson’s Disease 191000
Jpco-fuND-2 SCAIFIELD Spinocerebellar ataxias: Advanced imaging with ultra high-field MRI 200 000
NEURON (call 2020) IMPULSES Improving Postural Control By Innovative Stimulation Of The Proprioceptive System 200000
SusCrop C4FUTUE Fortifying and Enhancing Resilience in C4 Crops for Current and Future Climate Change Adversities 200000
CATCH-BNI Improved nitrogen use efficiency in agriculture by CATCH crops as producers of Biological Nitrification Inhibitors 200000
CHIST-ERA (call 2019) SEC-OREA Supporting Energy Communities- Operational Research and Energy Analytics 135500
EJP-RD (call 2020) DBAGeneCure Lentiviral-mediated gene therapy for Diamond Blackfan Anemia: Preclinical Safety and Efficacy Studies 240000
      2 156 500
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 Octrois 2020